Because a fediblob wanted to read their timeline in Mutt.
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Logs in to your pleroma server, downloads your local timeline, and emits that as a fresh mbox to stdout. Then you use your preferred incoming mail tools such as fdm[fn:1] or go straight to mutt.

ruby pleromabox.rb > blobcat
mutt -f blobcat

Someone asked me for it once. Sadly I lost their name. They wanted to read their timeline with =mutt=.

Fedi clients are bullshit for people who aren't glued to the screen. They emphasize seeing whatever the most recent post is, and not catching up on what the people you actually wanted to follow did all day. I spend much of the time in a code screen and so was missing out on any of the interesting conversations.


  • Tested against Ruby 2.7.1.
  • The loofah gem is required and is used to strip HTML content.
gem install loofah

Edit the INSTANCE variable in pleromabox.rb to point towards your pleroma instance.

Then you just run the script and tell it where to put the mbox :blobcatshrug:

ruby pleromabox.rb > aaaaaah
mutt -f aaaaaah

It is also possible to use tools like Fetch & Deliver Mail to do advanced mail sorting on toots.

Special files

  • token :: Stores your session token. You have to steal it from your browser and put it here for the script to use.

  • since :: Stores the latest post ID from your instance that has been read.



  • Mozilla Public License, version 2 (MPL-2.)

Short version: you may use the modules for non-commercial and commercial purposes but any changes in the code must be returned to the repository.